•  Start Fresh Today - Online Debtor's Pre-Filing Certification, and Debtor's Education Course If you're planning to file for bankruptcy, you must complete a Credit Counseling Briefing before you file, and a Debtor Education Course before your discharge is entered. Fortunately, Start Fresh Today makes it easy for you to complete your pre-filing Credit Counseling Course and your pre-discharge Debtor Education Course right in the comfort of your own home-or anywhere else that you have Internet access. If you've signed up with Near Law Firm, you will recieve your Login and Password from us. Do not respond to any other offers you may recieve from companies trying to sell you their package. With Near Law Firm, your Credit Counseling and Debtor's Education courses are arranged for you.
  • Credit Reports Online - By completing the linked authorization page, you authorize Near Law Firm to obtain your credit report for purposes of determinging your "reporting" creditor claims and preparing your bankruptcy filing. However, it is still up to you to identify all of your creditors and make sure we include everyone you owe money to in your paperwork.
  •  Redeption Loans -  11 USC § 722 provides that a debtor may “REDEEM” personal property intended for personal or household use, from the secured lien holder, by paying the creditor the amount of the debt that is secured. The debtor is not required to pay on the under secured portion of the debt in order to redeem. Examples of Company that makes auto loans in bankrutpcy: BKAutos, FreshStartLoans, etc.
  • Chapter 7 - Video Overview - A general overview of what a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is and how it works.
  • Chapter 13 - Video Overview - A general overview of what a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is and how it works.



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